Monday, January 9, 2012

i was reading the ensign while anna was in the bath.  She can't handle me reading without her - so i had to show her the pics and tell her about what i was reading.  there was a picture of the vision of the tree of life.  i told anna there were some good people who ate the fruit and some naughty people who laughed and scorned at everyone else.  I said are you good or naughty anna?  she said naughty.  then she continued to say naughty matter-of-factly while shaking her head yes until she went to bed.........silly girl.  she actually is pretty naughty lately - pulling everything out of everywhere and transporting it to the nether regions of the house via stroller - but mostly she's a goody.

Last week we went to OMSI with Avrie, to Zachies for the afternoon while i visited the OB, and to a childrens museum with JJ in Salem.  It was a busy week.  Anna really loves her friends though, she loves little people.  Too bad we cant say the same for adults.  This weekend we went to my cousins wedding reception - she freaked out at everyone that talked to her.  Funny girl, maybe someday we'll be able to take her places.......

I've been preparing a lesson for relief society on nutrition.  It's going to have food samples and everything.  I have a hard time teaching nutrition to people I's too personal a thing for me to be telling people what to do.  So I'm going to focus on teaching how to add vegetables.  Everyone can do more of that.  I'm sure people will be thinking - yeah right, I'm supposed to get my kid to eat that?  But eh whatever - take it or leave it.

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amylynn said...

Once again. We'll come for dinner and I'm MAKE my kids eat it... yeah right/.