Friday, December 2, 2011

sick kids and sunny days

We broke up with the rain for a week... don't worry I'm sure we'll get back together soon. But it was a crappy week to be rain's-x because anna was sick. Actually anna got everyone sick, except zachie since we didn't see him this w/e.
So we've been hanging out inside naked to avoid excess laundry.
And kissing the catapillar at the beginning of Baby Einstein. Or pillapilla as anna says.
Anna's feeling better today. She didn't lose her breakfast or have too much diarrhea. So we headed out for our usual loop. Stopping to feed the ducks although not being able to feed them because they left with rain. Anna below is saying "where's duck?" We also stopped to play at Woodhaven park. Who says sandboxes are summertime things? Unfortunately my run has turned into a walk, so we didn't have enough time to visit the library before anna fell asleep.Ah well, still a good morning. Funny video: before anna went to sleep she did some imitating (I do push ups on this concrete slab - anna enjoys doing them too and counting "wa too wa too").

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Hip Heiner Fun said...

I just love you and your sweet little family. You are so inspiring and I wish I was as active of a mom as you are. You are AMAZING!!! Loves.