Friday, July 9, 2010

still noth'n

Baby was not born on her cousins birthday (july 8) sad she couldn't share her big day with this little princess (we love you amber bamber)

I might have tricked you into thinking we had the baby - going a whole day without whining. But my sister's been keeping me busy busy busy.

We've tried all methods to induce labor naturally. Pineapple, basil, licorice, spicy food, accupressure, riding a rolly road, evening primrose. We also tried "shiny object syndrome" ie, trying to get baby to come out to get a closer look at my flashy new sparkle sparkle toe nail polish........... I am still not willing to do castor oil. Nothing works YET.......

We also went to water aerobics yesterday - i wish we had a picture of that.
And we went to the temple - where i got asked TWICE if I was having twins and at least 5 or 6 times when I was going to POP. Don't people know pregnancy ettiquite. NEVER EVER ASK A REALLY HUGE PREGNANT LADY IF SHE IS HAVING TWINS AND TRY TO AVOID ASKING HER WHEN SHE IS GOING TO POP. she just might cry if she is 9 days overdue.

Oh yeah, the temple worker in charge was worried that I was going to give birth while there. She came over and told me "not to do anything bad" After the session she said her husband was a doctor and he had delivered thousands of babies, but she hasn't delivered any. funny.

Enough is enough. Getting induced tonight - hopefully we go into labor before then - everyone start praying that Anna/Ella/Elizabeth at least starts to move down toward the shiny toe light................

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Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

You're so funny! Look at staying so busy, instead of sitting on the couch feeling bad for yourself. I like the shiny toe method! Hopefully it works before tonight. :) Love ya Nicolie Wolie. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.