Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mama's girl

Well if behaviour in the womb has anything to do with your kids turn out - this one is going to be mama's girl. We are now 1 week over due.

Actually I'm just used to being pregnant and it still hasn't slowed me down. We had a fun holiday weekend. Pictured above is a sketchy overpass we saw downtown portland while doing our favorite 4 mile bridge walk on sunday night. Walking does not put me into labor.
We ditched the ward 4th of july bfast on monday morning (so sick of people asking me why I'm still around) and stayed in our New Yankee Workshop building stuff. Squatting for prolonged periods of time does not put me into labor.
I finished a trellis
Richard made a tomato support.

We weeded out our onions at the community garden. All 300 of them. wowsas, that's alot of onions.
Then we went shoe shopping for richard, ate corn on the cob for dinner, and I walked 1.5 miles to get a redbox movie (again - walking doesn't put me into labor).
come on out baby come on out. i've got a 3:00 apt today with the midwife - we'll see what she says.

I went to water aerobics today - which was so much fun, and at 3:00 I go to the midwife/doctor. We'll see what the team has to say....................hopefully the baby has at least moved down.


Isaac said...

Here's a suggestion people told Emily to try - eat fresh pineapple. It didn't work of course, but fresh pineapple is really yummy!
Also, your trellis looks awesome, and it looks like you are planning on some serious tomato plants.

Oblad girl said...

I'm super impressed with all of your woodworking skills. I hope you have your baby soon- sorry, that's got to get old!

Richard and Nicole said...

zic: i tried the pinapple - no worky but very yummy!

jenny: thanks - couldn't do it w/o richard.