Sunday, July 18, 2010

birthday eve

dad has spent the entire time i've been alive working on this patio. his dad came into town wednesday and they have been out there non-stop.
they worked last night until at least 11:00, I dont know how much later because the girls went to bed.
im so excited to hang out on our patio!! hooooray!!!
yesterday (saturday) was anna's birthday eve. I got her all dressed up in pink and pink for the occasion. She spent most of the day playing with grandma buhler - who doesn't like to look at the camera. but from the side you can sort of see the resemblance.
don't you just want to come over and snuggle her?
look at my ballet moves with my ballet socks. thanks for the cute bow auntie virginia!
i look like im going to the gym with this headband.
a better watch me grow stuffed animal. Richard gave me this bear when we were dating. its a fisher man bear.


Anonymous said...

When you were born. The project your dad was working on was our sprinkler system. I remember him digging and digging. And I was always going to the hopital to feed you. At least your home where you can go to bed and so can Anna.

Oblad girl said...

Your patio is looking great! And Anna is so cute in that pink polka dot outfit!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

I love the watch me grow idea! So cute. Also, the patio is fabulous. It was good to see you at church today, power to ya! :)