Wednesday, July 7, 2010

8 days overdue

And the doc says anna/ella/ivory is not going anywhere.

My best friend came to visit today - my twin sister Amy.

she took this pic at of my TABLE TOP TUMMY lunch:

We thought of my post from june 28th when we saw this in a book:

we are off to prepare freezer meals, because that's what sisters do best.


Hip Heiner Fun said...

Sorry she hasn't come to meet you yet. Hang in there she will come when she is ready! Freezer meals are the best to have done prior to baby you will be so thankful for them. And behavior in the womb totally corresponds to behavior out of the womb!

Kelby York said...

Sad for Richard not being your best freind

Smokey said...

I agree. I see where I stand.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

I've been watching your blog everyday. So does 20 hours since the last update mean you're in labor? :) Keep making those freezer meals-sure helps after!

Shepherd said...

Your biggest problem is that you're too damn healthy! Drink a soda, eat some oreos and that baby will be clawing her way out of you to get away from the empty calories. Oh, and I'm sure Richard wouldn't mind the tasteless, dimple-butt, side-boob bikini. Men are men no matter how pregnant their wives are.