Wednesday, July 14, 2010

so blessed and too tired to write much

sup? mom
i like to dance
i have 3 or 4 chins depending on how my head is placed
upper cut.....jab .... jab.... look at my mean face.
i think this bow is a little on the big size.....even for Anna's head.............
whazzup momma?
fuzzy picture, but she might be smiling here...........i'm newest favorite thing to do
ready to blow this joint! (we were ready to get out of the hospital but they kept us around a long long time) - - - thanks for the cute dress lizzy puffer. we love it.
i love daddy's fuzz. so much that i cry about it.

we are so blessed to be able to care for one of our heavenly fathers precious daughters.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our 3 day old Anna Elaine who really looks like she is 3 weeks old.

thanks for all the encouraging phone calls, emails, blog comments (: I promise I will call back next time I'm awake and not feeding the baby (or maybe someday i'll be able to multitask again.......)

too bad my sis isn't still here to write clever things and take great pics for the blog. thanks for coming amster, i will always cherish the time you were here (:

only a few more minute till she gets to meet her twin - grandpa BUHLER!


Joanna and Chris said...

Oh she is so cute! Don't worry, I hear you will eventually get over the crying. How is feeding going? I work with a lactation consultant if you need any help. Congrats again!

Levi, Jamie, & Lucy said...

Yea for cute babies! I totally agree that she looks totally Buhler! We love seeing the pictures! Don't worry about the crying, it picked up for me as well after having Lucy. It has slowed some no but will probably never completely go away!

Michael and Heather said...

Ahhh, she is so cute and has so much of that beautiful dark hair! Don't worry, you will sleep through the night again and will be able to multi-task again. I felt like I would never be able to do those things after Noah was born, but we have figured things out. Congrats, good luck and have fun!!!

Breea and Bryan said...

Oh, I wish I was there to snuggle her so you could get some sleep.....or maybe just snuggle her. Good luck with everything, we miss you and love you all!

amylynn said...

Gavin says-
"She is so cute. I love her."

I love her too. wish we could just drive over and see her.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

She's so cute! Check out that hair! And yes, she doesn't look 3 days old. Grace looked older from the start too. I hope you're recovering well. And don't worry, I cried a lot at first too! :) Dang hormones. Sometimes they were really happy tears though. Congrats again! I wish we could play together with our cute babies.

Shepherd said...

You'll be boobing and bawling over the stupidest, most trivial things for a while but this too shall pass. She is beautiful , you guys! You make wonderful little people so I hope to see more in the future. Take heart, Nicole. Motherhood is the most awfully, wonderfully, horrifically, stressfully, amazing career you will ever face. Its good you have a sweet husband to stand beside you.

Oblad girl said...

congratulations!!!! Glad to see you are enjoying the experience. please do give me a call when you feel up to it. =)

Hip Heiner Fun said...

She is adorable. Guess you won't be needing any of those newborn clothes at leat not for long.

I want to come up and just pinch her cheeckies and kiss her to death.

Get some rest and now we love you all. Welcome to the family little/big Miss Anna.