Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anna goes to the park

Great aunt Anette and second cousin? jessica came to visit. she slept the whole time so she could stay awake and party with mom all night. it was fun, let me tell ya!
Miki (on the left) is 3 and hilarious. As soon as she saw anna she said, "She is Angry mom"
Anna does have a bit of an angry face a good part of the time.

Anna's ballerina moves in the little dress aunt breea made.
Sound asleep with chubby cheeks
ahhh feels so good to toot while sleeping - - can't wait till she smiles for real.


Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Hmmm...I remember someone else who toot's in her self. Like mother, like daughter... :)

Hip Heiner Fun said...

That last pic is my favorite. She is so precious!

amylynn said...

I can't believe how huge Anna looks in Annettes little arms. I love the pics. Amy

Cassidy&Dustin said...

SO cute Nicole! I love seeing pics of Anna! How are you doing??

Kaelie Nielsen said...

I love the smile, Anna is absolutely beautiful.