Friday, July 9, 2010

No room in the Inn

It was 100 degrees today. Amy and I went to the movies to keep cool and tried to convince the baby to come by playing relaxing music "down there" (as pictured above).

I was scheduled to go to the hospital at 8:00 pm. Richard and I went on 1 last date to get some frozen yogurt (with amy of course) and then drove straight to the hospital. 5 minutes into the drive we get a phone call from an Oregon number on Richards phone. He says "I'm sure its someone from the ward." So I picked up and the charge nurse from Newberg hospital told me that too many people went to into labor and they are out rooms. My induction is now rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 6am.

The airbed Amy has been sleeping on died. Since she won't be sleeping on my bed tonight we went to buy her one. And again I repeat - NEVER ASK A VERY VERY PREGNANT LADY WHEN SHE IS DUE. She might be 10 days overdue, on her way home from the hospital, where she has just been told that her induction is on hold until tomorrow. And she might just lose it, right there in line - and it will be pretty awkward for you - if you were the cashier that asked that pregnant lady when she was due and she said "10 days ago" and started to cry.

HOPEFULLY we have GOOD NEWS tomorrow (: pray for us (:


Hip Heiner Fun said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. That is awful. Stupid cashier lady. Good Luck!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Oh my goodness, you poor girl! How disappointing! You get your hopes up, and then they call you and tell you to wait! As if you haven't waited enough. And I totally agree with the never ask a prego lady when she's due thing. I got so sick of people saying, "haven't you popped yet?" and "you're still here?!" Seriously, people need to learn some prego manners! It was hard for me to even go to church at the end, cause I just wanted to go home and cry. :)

Well, I've been thinking about you all day and was even thinking about you when I was trying to go to bed last night. What a big day for you! You're probably at the hospital least I hope you are! Our prayers are definitely with you. You'll be great!

Puffer Love said...

looking at these pics of your sis and yep totally her that I saw in Step class on Friday...I kept looking at her and was going to walk up to her at the end of the class but/...Lina had other plans and wanted to go home early...