Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Birds

So about the time Julia was born we noticed a robin making a nest on our patio light.  Then on Nicole's B-day I picked up Anna to look in the nest and she said eggs.  The nest was so deep I couldn't see them so that is why we picked Anna up.  Then last week I noticed a cracked half a blue egg on our patio.  So I again lifted up Anna and she got really big eyes when she saw they were really birds in the nest. She really does love them.  Today Nicole lifted her up and she said "sleeping, birds sleeping,"  We hope they are really just sleeping not dead.   So here is a chronicle with photos: 

                                              Just hatched May 13th
                                            May 13th
                                             May 16th and the above photo is the 13th. 

                                                     Possibly mommy robin.


Kristin said...

So fun! I've been watching for nests at our house, but we don't have any this year.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

My kids were fascinated with this.