Friday, May 11, 2012

The Oregon Garden

 Kaelie sent me a blog link that lists all the cheap/free stuff to do in portland. 
 I'm crazy about getting out and seeing oregon - so this blog may not be the best thing for me.
 Today Anna and I went to richards work, then to book club then to dorothy's house, then she took a nap, then we drove to oregon garden, then we got ice cream at mcdonalds (drive thru), and now she is at father's and sons with richard.
 I need to slow down I think.
 But how can I pass up letting anna explore things like this?
 And this?
 A little munchkin tunnel - whats not to love?


Joy Buhler said...

I love that munchkin tunnel and am a little jealous that Anna got to go to Fathers and Sons Camp out. That's awesome that she got to go.

Liv said...

It's like a hobbit house!