Thursday, May 31, 2012


Rich had a job in Pacific City on Wednesday, so we tagged along.
We left the house at 6 and drove to the beach.  Anna was so excited the whole way that she hardly said a peep.  Julia slept.
When we got there she was happy to be bopp around the campground.  She was excited to eat her dinner on the picnic table.  Julia slept.
She slept pretty good.  Although I was pretty cold.  Julia slept through the night except for her usual 2:30 snack call.
In the morning we hiked to the beach after we dropped rich off at work.  Of course anna whined about walking.
Token Julia picture.  Sleeping.
I bought anna some teddy grams.  We never have crackers at home, so they are a REAL treat for her.  She could have eaten the whole box on her own.  Julia had just woken up from a nap in this picture.
We played on the beach some more after naps until rich got done working.  Then we went out to eat at the Pelican Pub.  The food was picture worthy (see above).  I had a shrimp martini.  Julia slept.
Rich had his usual: fish tacos.  They were beautiful.
Anna had mac and cheese.  It was beautiful.  In a triangular bowl - and homemade.  A+ to the pelican pub - especially the view from the deck (see below).
This is what we could see while we ate - but the pic is of anna and rich.  i was feeding Julia.
My camera has an awesome zoom.
Julia is so happy when she's awake.
Im glad I had the chance to sit, enjoy the scenery and enjoy Julia.
It was a perfect day at the beach.

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Grandpa Buhler said...

Almost every group of pictures, Anna has her boots on that Grandpa almost lost.