Monday, May 7, 2012

she's got skills.

Anna played with JJ at the park today.  They were playing with chalk in this picture.  She's big enough that she can climb up the big toy and go down the slide all by herself!  what a weird feeling!
I thought this was a cool pic of Julia.
Julia is 2 weeks older than LL.  LL didn't like the sun or something and Julia is doing a macho man pose to look even bigger than she is!!
My two daydreamers.
I told anna we were going to wash the car.  She shook her head "yeah!" and went and got a rag!  I didn't even have to tell her!  She's getting so smart!
Then she hopped right into cleaning the car and didn't stop until we were done!  It was amazing!  She's really getting into scrubbing here!

Anna Really loves doing chores with her momma.  I am really impressed with how good she is getting at folding!  i had to record her folding this rag, because she seriously does it as good as an adult!  Excuse the nakedness, this was after we came in from washing the car - and as you can guess she was soaked!  She's also getting good at putting shirts on hangers.  That one has taken lots of practice, but again - she's getting pretty good.  Hooray for chores - hopefully anna keeps it up, she sure makes cleaning up a lot  more fun (:

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Kaelie Nielsen said...

AWESOME I'm amazed.

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