Thursday, September 6, 2012

we made it!

 The drive to Utah is really quick when you have a good friend to talk to.  Anna and spencer had a great time fighting over toys, markers, snacks and movies.  just like brother and sister.  Julia had a great time alternating between sleeping and crying.  We stayed the night in Boise and Kaelie's inlaws (thank you!!!).  It was really a pretty uneventful trip and super fun.
 Family party #1 commenced at my Mom's.  My sis drove down for dinner.  Here she is trying to smooch evan (4) and Jane looking on (16 mo).
Julia and Jill getting along fabulously.  Julia loves everyone.

Amy had to leave after dinner so all the cousins started piling into the minivan.  Anna followed them right out there and hopped into the van.  she sat in amber's carseat, then amber came out and she moved to gavins booster seat.  Gavin came out and she moved to Evan's car seat.  Evan didn't come out because he was looking for his Lightening McQueen car.  But Aunt Amy came out and invited Anna for a sleepover.  She was all for it.  So she sat in Evan's seat and evan sat in Gavin's and gavin rode bare back.  I guess Amy had to go to mutual, so she dropped all the kids off with Kelby.  kelby got them all to bed and didn't know what he was supposed to do with Anna.  So he called me on skype.  Anna looked SO worried.  But she didn't cry.  Shes blew me a kiss and then kelby said she went right to bed and didn't wake up until morning.

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Kaelie Nielsen said...

Fun Fun! My in-laws are pretty easy-going, I'm sure they'd be fine to have you stay whenever. :)