Saturday, September 29, 2012

She Eats

 I've been putting off feeding Julia real food because I'm lazy.  She's a good breastfeeder and I didn't want the hassle/mess of feeding another kid at the table.  But she's undeniably ready.  Instead of the usual intake of 1 tsp of rice cereal once/twice per day, she's jumped to eating a couple tablespoons of butternut squash soup, pumpkin, banana and whatever else we're eating that's doable for a no-teeth baby.
 She's getting so big, I can hardly believe it.  And such a little gem to boot!
 We re-arranged because im getting tired of the same ol same ol in the house.  Anna said "THAT CHAIR GOES IN JULIAS ROOM!  WHAT IT DOING IN FRONT ROOM??"
julia is so cute.


Kristin said...

Do you think she'll be as messy of an eater as Anna? Haha! I need to come over and see your new arrangement!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Rearranging is a nice way to change things up. I like Anna's response. Julia IS cute. The end.