Wednesday, September 12, 2012

more pics from trip

 Tater tot and I in the back of the van on the way to Bountiful Temple
 Anna being a pooper about getting her pic taken with gma gpa heiner
 uncle tay tay and gpa heiner swinging anna.  she kept counting 1 2 ....8 9!!
 Anna got tired, so tay gave her a ride.  She pulled his reigns to direct him (hair)
 Look at anna's muscles!
 Pretty sunset.
The new City Creek!  So beautiful!  Cousin Chloe and Remi

 Pretty water fountain, cool reflections.
 Shopping at Gymboree.  Anna loved it.  We are in trouble when she's teenager.
 They had a movie playing for thie kids enjoyment while we shopped (not that i could ever afford to buy anything at gymboree)
 Lunch provided by Mom.  Hummus, pita bread, crudite, spinach turkey pinwheels, sweet potato fries.
 Anna had a squeezable yogurt.  She had a lot of firsts in junk food on this trip.  Sugar yogurt, cheetos, pumpkin pie, spray can whip cream, sprinkles........
 those were good fries.  of course anna loved the dip.
 city creek splash pad!
 Julia got passed around and like to eat virginias shirt.
 Jane chill'n/
 To the park with uncle andy.
 chloe remi and julia
 made cookies with grandma.  it was INTENSE.  lots and lots of sprinkles.
 anna saying CHEESE
 chloe saying CHEESE
 remi saying CHEESE
 anna read lots of books with gma gpa.  Grandpa read 3 little pigs.  She's been quoting it ever since.
I ruined my camera by dropping it in the bathtub.  But I got a shot of julia with her gpa buhler.  thanks for coming up paul and joyce.

i need to move closer.  soon.


Trina said...

Looks like a fun trip!!!

Hip Heiner Fun said...

It was so much fun seeing you and spending time with you and your sweet little girlys. We miss you already. LOVES from the crazy Heiner clan.

Kristin said...

The drive WAS quick with a friend to talk to. Thanks! Fun pictures. You were fast getting yours up. It's going to take me another day or two at least.