Saturday, August 25, 2012

Question for Joy?

Nicole is due for a new phone so we were analyzing our current usage and plans to see if we should move into the 21st century and get her a smartphone.  We were looking at our phone Usage minutes on our family plan.  Currently Nicole, Joy (My Sister), and Steve (My brother) are on the plan.  This is the breakdown of this months minutes and we have like 3 days left in the month.   So here are the questions, Joy, can you remember everybody you have called this last month?  Why do you have a phone again?   Oh ya it looks like a no for Nicole on the smartphone so we are still stuck in the 20th century, with our cloth diapers and no texting phone.  

Peak Minutes Off Peak F&F M2M
Joy 3 27 8 7
Steve 95 93 124 64
Nicole 202 153 186 208   


Joy Buhler said...

Why don't you get her a texting phone? She can have mine...although I do text people some.

I wonder why I have a phone too.

Anonymous said...

To Joy: So we can occasionally hear from you, but you never call!!!

HABeckman said...

LOL man I love don't want to see our break'd give you a heart attack Richard! LOL

Joy Buhler said...
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Joy Buhler said...

Call? Why would I want to call you? Just kidding. I should work at calling family members at least 2x a year. How's that for a goal?