Sunday, September 23, 2012

Annas brother from another mother.

Poor guy.  Anna loooooves him.
Julia loves him too.
Here she is laughing at him.
She loves his mommy too.
Julia loves everyone.
OH yeah, we are on a train riding along the coast in these pictures.  It was a beautiful and Anna was sort of a brat on the ride because she just wanted to give spencer too many luvs.
Hi Julia.  You are adorable.
Anna, being a snot.
Rich says, look at that skinny guy.  He's been running a lot lately.  6 miles saturday.
Oh anna we love you so much we ignored our dirty garage and overgrown garden to drive 2 hours to ride a train.  You are one spoiled girl.
Look!  people to wave at from a train.
I'm a photographer and I didn't even know it.
Our family.


Kaelie Nielsen said...

that's so fun! I'm sad I forgot about this!

Kristin said...

Funny pictures! I don't think Anna is a brat or a snot though. She's just an affectionate 2-year-old and Spencer's ornery. Maybe he thinks girls have cooties already. Thanks for letting him experience what it would be like to have a sibling. It's good for him!