Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 Kaelie headed up a pre-preschool for our 2 year olds.  Of courses the 6 month olds are there for a few minutes too (:

 Playing inside.
 Playing outside.
 brittney (anna's very very favorite person)
 letter hunt.
 big A little a what begins with A?
 fishing for A's
 story time.
 Anna couldn't get enough.
 Zachie loves Julia.
 Boys cook'n lunch for the girls (not really but we can pretend)
 Girls eating snack.  Really just Anna and Grace eating snack.  JJ took a bite to be polite.
 Boys climbing.
JJ hiding from the sun.  She's a true oregonian.


Emily said...

Thanks for all the help and being the photographer!

Hip Heiner Fun said...

OH, I just simply miss you and those chubby,check cuties so much already. LOVE YOU GUYS!