Thursday, November 4, 2010

wild dogs

Just thinking back on a day back in august 2008 when we were attacked by wild dogs.

We were hiking in the Uintahs with Richard's dad paul. We were about 4 miles up the mountain and decided to make camp. Paul jimmied a tent out of tarps for us - in other words we slept on the ground with a tarp over us.

I am afraid of getting eaten by a wild animal when i sleep in the wilderness. I made richard take a gun with us to the wind rivers because i didn't want to get eaten.

So anyways, rich and I wake up to Paul screaming "hey, get out of here" "hey hey hey" Then I heard running and some animals growling at our feet. Next thing I know richard is screaming (he kind of has a high pitched girly scream) and I am hiding under my sleeping bag trying to get away from the animal at our feet.

And then it ended when we realized what was attacking us.

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Sherpa said...

The funniest thing? That dog is happiest when she's sitting on top of you. Really.