Wednesday, November 3, 2010

it doesn't matter how fat you are.........

anna's first dose of rice cereal -
contrary to popular belief it does not help anna sleep through the night.

so annas not on a "schedule" because she's pretty chill and just goes along with whatever im doing.

But when I go back to work I plan on going and feeding her during breaks. If I do this she can't be asleep when I get there - and she has to be hungry when i get there - so I'm trying to put her on a schedule.

she hates it. I know she's tired, but she wants me to hold her while she's sleeping. what a bugger.

Also i am tired of waking up in the night to feed her. she's got plenty - she can make it! So we tried to let her cry it out last night. After an HOUR of that we gave up and i fed her.

In the morning richard said: "it doesn't matter how fat you are.........when you're're hungry!!" oh boy.


Liv said...

It was intimidating to get Aspen on a schedule, but I love it!

I just started a week ago, but it has made a huge difference in my life. I feel like I have four extra arms because she sleeps on schedule and I can get so much done!

Good luck to you and Anna, it's totally worth it!

Oblad girl said...

Love all of the pics! Fun halloween costume. Definitely a Nicole Buellar baby costume- veggies.

Hip Heiner Fun said...

It's hard to do the cry it out thing. But, if you stick with it that stubborn 1 hour will whiddle down to 2 minutes or less. But, it takes time and patience and possibly ear plugs. Even just going in simply comforting her without food is better than feeding her. She'll figure it out and get used to the idea. I PROMISE!!!

The Merkleys said...

Amen, Richard! ;)