Sunday, November 14, 2010

for kelby

well, amy and kelby b/c i dont see kelby making this on his own. But since you love collard greens you'll love it.

grits and greens casserole. from eating well

i found this because we have a bunch of collard greens growing in the garden still. apparently they are pretty hardy creatures. ENJOY


amylynn said...

So like we didn't get any collard greens this week in the basket... but I printed it anyway. Thanks

amylynn said...

Hmmm... do I really need to tell you that I want to be added to your private blog list????? Well, I do.

Sherpa said...

This sounds really good!

Paul said...

From what I could see of the picture on the web site, The top looked good with the cheese and bacon,but the rest I would let someone else eat it or throw it away