Monday, November 8, 2010

shots and stats

4 months
18.8 pounds 100%ile
25.5 inches 92%ile

she just cried for a second and was fine no big deal. she was more angry when i started up the sander unexpectedly the other day.


Anonymous said...

Who quessed he weight right-I said 18 lbs-I won

Richard and Nicole said...

first of all we dont know who you are mr. anonymous. second of all i dont know what this has to a quest. and third of all anna is a girl. but you win and we love you.

amylynn said...

I guess ambers picture is pretty accurate? How about some tummy circumphirince (I know the spelling) measurements?

Kaelie Nielsen said...

hahaha, awesome

Paul said...

So I can't type. I left out the t key and spelled he instead of the, oh well Anna knows.