Friday, November 19, 2010

the crawlspace.

richard went under the house to do some insulating. i worry about him when he goes under there. when he said he was going under i was silently thinking through the scenario of what would happen if he went into cardiac arrest or something down there. I wondered if i would be able to go down there and give him CPR. I would call 911 for sure, but im not sure if i could get myself to go down there since the spiders that emerge from below are so gargantuan.

While i was thinking through this richard says - "i bet if something happened to me down there you wouldn't be able get yourself down there to help me." Man is he a thought reader of what! At least he knows me well (:


Paul said...

The Camera must work!!

shafiqur rahoman said...

Sprayfoam can be installed to the ceiling of the crawl space and then vented to the outside,
or you can install it to the walls of the crawl space connected to the plastic covering the floor and have an unvented space.
If there is a high water table then a sump pump may be needed as well. I am on the road right now and don't have access to my files but go to buildingscience.
com and read the articles about basements and crawl spaces. Lotsa good info and descriptions on how to use sprayfoam in those areas.

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