Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well recently Steven (brother), Dad, Mike (cousin), Kim (family friend), and I went backpacking into the Uinta's. Steven got home from his one year tour in Korea and before he went off to his next duty station we all went on this trip. We went approximately 20 miles and we did not see any other people for the three days, which is amazing after being here in Portland. We caught lots of fish and saw a few lakes that are supposed to be decommissioned or lowered (Which is a shame). It was a good time too bad nicole, mom, or joy couldn't come along.

Deer Lake first lake we hiked into and stayed the night at not sure if it will be lowered

After first day me cooking and Dad laying down. I guess it is ok since he is 62 and we hiked 6 miles and he took the scenic route through the rock pile

Above Central Timothy Lake lots of nice sized brook trout.
Dad and I fishing and bruno waiting for a fish to eat. Yes our dog likes to eat raw fish
Dad yelling at Bruno since steven wasn't close to him j/k.

Looking down to the Timothy Lakes
Mt Emmons in the background and East Timothy Lake which is going to be lowered.

After we were finished and Mike, Dad, and Steven resting next to the stinky outhouse.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't yelling at Bruno, He is deaf. Bartel and I are going to Crow lakes next week, since he gets paid for hiking.

josh said...

Richard, what is the reasoning behind lowering those lakes? They doing it throughout the Uintas? Looks like a great trip. Makes me a bit homesick.

Sherpa said...

There's no pictures of Bartel, or good pictures of Was he the camera man?

I was hoping you had a video of Bruno eating a fish. I've still never seen his seal antics.

Dad, you mean you weren't talking to Bruno at all in that picture?

Richard and Nicole said...

Josh: I believe the reasoning is the state isn't renewing the dams safety because maintenance hasn't been done on the dams. But maintenance isn't done because the difficulty getting approval through the forest service to go into the Uintas with equipment. So the state is making them breach the dams.

Joy: Well I guess nobody took a picture of kim or he didn't want anybody see who he was hanging out with. Well ask dad to get a video of bruno doing the seal unless you go with him and kim into crow lakes when you are around next week.

Kelby York said...

Could do without the raw fish. Let's stike with the pie and slurpies.