Tuesday, July 28, 2009

people that say it rains in oregon all the time........

And as usual, people dont know what they are talking about......

Riding in the AC-less subaru was almost as bad as riding it on the rainy days when the sunroof leaks.

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Chris and Joanna said...

I have to say I was one of those people but ever since I was in Seattle with the blazing sun and humidity, I now realize the truth.

Sherpa said...

Oh, I'm super sorry.

Oblad girl said...

Man, I remember how hot it was riding in that car earlier in July. HOT. Hot is to your car as stubborn and ultra-thrifty is to your not wanting to buy a new car no matter how hot it gets!

I think that makes sense, right? It's been a while since I wrote those types of sentences in honors english in junior high and high school. You can see the good it did. =)

Breea and Bryan said...

hmmm... 106 sounds nice.

Richard and Nicole said...

joanna - i always thought seattle was like that too - actually i still do because its been like that everytime i've been there.

sherpa - doens't it get that hot in dc too?

jenn - SAT and AP tests are to teenagers as WORK and Commuting are to adults.

bryan+breezea - if you love 106 so much why dont you marry it?