Sunday, July 12, 2009

the past two weeks: before and after

right after we moved in, my best friend from bountiful came to visit for a few days.. (i finished unpacking the boxes at about 4:00 and Jenn + steve came at about 5:00)......before i knew it we were out of our new house and exploring the northwest!!! Here's some pics in a cheesy before and after style:

Kitchens before the turn of the century (this is an oven @ the pittock mansion)

cleaning my kitchen after we moved in all our crap (there was cat hair up there - how???)

Before dinner at the amazing place where twilight was filmed
(jenn is holding a twilight menu) the amazing sunset after (we ate in those little verandas)

hiking mt. st. helens (aren't we tough?) After (glissading down the mountain - i was scared):

Jenn at the japanese garden, before visiting the rose garden, the pittock mansion and seeing the rest of downtown

Jenn after our long day of sightseeing (i blame it one the time change)

before: walking to the secret beach
after: finding and accidentally killing a mini crabby on the private beach

we had a great time


Isaac said...

So are you moved to your new house now?

Richard and Nicole said...

we are in! i emailed you our better get on sending that christmas present before july is over!

Oblad girl said...

We had an awesome time, too! Thanks for having us over!!

Andrew said...

poor crabby crab face.

Richard and Nicole said...

oblad girl - you'll have to come again so we can see everything you didn't get to see! im gunna pray you move here for dental school

andy - it was such a cutie little crabber.

Sherpa said...

Poor crab.

Are those tide pools behind Rich?

amylynn said...

nicole- you are looking more like mom every day. we love the friz in the last pic. Oh, poor mini crabbers. loves

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Looks like fun! I remember Jenn! So...I want to see more pictures of your house! And I was thinking to myself when I saw your blog--I wonder how Brian and Bri are doing?