Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the loins of the pink flamingo PART V

might not be part 5, but it sounded good.

Almost as good as our first sweet 100 tomato tasted.

our garden in June:
Our garden (same spot) in July:
the flowering things are broccoli - butterflies LOVE broccoli flowers.

richard loves the garden....possibly even more than me!


Janette said...

so envious of your green thumbs!

Oblad girl said...

WOW- your garden looks awesome! I'm totally jealous.

Breea and Bryan said...

OUr garden grows way more weeds than yours.

Richard and Nicole said...

we definateyl had some beginners luck! my thumbs are pretty brown. jen - wish you were here to enjoy it with us

bryan - its all the cat pee that happens your garden, im sure of it...dang cats.