Thursday, July 19, 2012

a day in the life

I often wonder where the time goes.  So - i'm documenting my day.  I think it's fun to look back.  We wake usually to one or another crying baby at 6:30 ish.  Lately its been Julia (who decided to stop sleeping through the night when we got back from the trip).  We start with breakfast.  Oatmeal every morning.  sometimes with PB, usually plain or w/berries for me.  Lately with blueberries for everyone.
 We read scriptures while eating breakfast.  Rich and I usually fight over who gets to read and who gets to listen (neither wants to read).  After rich leaves (8 am), Julia goes down for a nap.  Anna has ROOM TIME.  At first she would always try to escape, but she enjoys it now.  She runs into her room and slams the door in my face (see below).  Some days she'll play for an hour, most days 15 minutes signals the first whine for "momeeeee".  But I always get at least 30 minutes of free time in the morning (usually spent cleaning).
After room time we pack up and go out for a jog.  sometimes we do a 5 mile loop, but usually we just run errands and head to the library.  The trick is to get Julia in the stroller without waking her up (she'll nap until 9:30).  And the other trick is to feed her wherever we are at 9:30 (usually a park) without exposing too much mommy body.
Today we went to the post office.  Lots of blue and yellow. 

 Then kept with the blue and yellow theme at the park.  I love living in a place where I can actually "run" all my errands by actually running!
 We end each tuesday/thursday outing with the library.  Here she is being shy.  There is a librarian named Sue.  She's very kind.  She remembers Anna and always tries to get Anna to say hello.  Today she had brought bubbles from home!  Even that didn't get a smile or look in the eye from this shy cookie.  Come on Anna!
 Of course, the library isn't just for books.  It's for toddler time.  Here Anna is trying to get Avrie to dance with her.Julia gets passed from Mom to Mom depending on who is melting down or running away.
 Listening to a story from Mrs. Teresa.
 Holding hands with friends for the last song.
On thursdays we also go to babytime for Julia.  Here she is looking at the bubbles. She's just starting to wake up and see the world.  She holds her head up and looks around and grabs onto things and puts them in her mouth.  Time is FLYING!
 Time to go home now and eat some lunch.  Most days anna sits happily reading books we check out.  Somedays she screams THE WHOLE way home.  That makes it a really long mile.
Lunch - usually beans or tuna and bread or tortillas.  Fruit is usually involved.  Oh - and science experiments with open cups.  naughty naught - i often have to remind anna: NO SPILLING NO SHAKING.  This girl eats her food - but she makes a heck of a mess getting it in her mouth!  I am usually feeding Julia while eating my lunch and monitoring Anna.  It's a busy 1/2 hour of life.
After lunch We read stories on the brown couch while I nurse Julia if I don't do it during lunch.  Most days I can get both down for a nap at the same time:  1:00.  This is the holiest time of day.  Don't be surprised if I don't pick up my phone during this hour - or answer the door if you come by.  I often indulge in a nap myself - but most days I read, garden, do yoga or clean.  I never fold laundry at this time because I don't think Anna would forgive me if she knew I folded laundry without her...........anyways........story to continue in a few hours when the second holy hour commences: bedtime.


Trina said...

I am always amazed by how much you accomplish in a day - even in half a day!!! You are such a great, organized Momma!

Liv said...

It's so nice to write down how things go; looking back you can realize how much you actually get done!

Emily said...

You inspire me, I need to walk more and drive less! I love how you record everything, it will be so fun to look back on.

(Oh, and your bum tingling comment on my blog cracked me up!)