Thursday, July 19, 2012

She's 2

2 cute!  2 funny! 2 silly!

I've loved seeing Anna grow into a little person this past year.  She is just a sweet heart - a bit volatile at times, but a sweet heart.

Lets see what do I want to remember about Anna being two.  Hmm.  Well I'll just write down the things she loves and does and that will sum her up.

She loves to say "MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU" when she wakes up the morning.
After we get her out of bed she says "where baby at?"
She likes to climb into her chair by herself.
She pours herself a glass of milk more often than I would like (i try to keep cups up high now).
She eats like a champ, loves blueberries
Still afraid of anything hot.
Often has meltdowns while waiting for HOT things to cool down.
Likes to lay by her little sister and sing her action songs while moving her hands (a bit dangerous).
Is afraid of cars in the street and will say "cars dangerous"
knows what is going on all the time.
Likes to GO GO GO.  Gets bored at home.
Likes the idea of movies but usually only watches about 5 minutes before getting bored.
Barney is her favorite.
Likes to color, knows all her colors
Likes to count:  1,2,8,10 !!  8 is her favorite number.
Knows shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle, square, diamond, star
Can draw circles (by accident usually, but the points them out to us).
Calls mountains volcanoes whether volcanic or not.
loves omsi.  Associates big cities with OMSI.
has meltdowns when leaving places she loves (OMSI, library, friends houses)
Likes to play with cousin Amber
Is ALWAYS dirty.
Always has a runny nose with snot crusted on her face because she wont lets us wipe it.
Went through a phase of sleeping on the floor, then a pack and play, and now back to bed.
Still poops in a diaper, but will tell you that she can go on a train ride when she poops in the potty.
Still cries and fights diaper changes (why? why? why?!!)
Loves to take baths.
Hates having her hair washed.
Often asks for a cookie randomly throughout the day.  Otherwise we've stopped the snacking habit.
If given chocolate and lima beans, will finish her lima beans and only take bites of chocolate.
Runs with her arms really high like.......well i dont know what.
One leg has a prominent roll.  The other leg is straight.  weird.
Loves to eat hot dogs, or anything with dip.
Likes to help put things on the conveyer belt at the grocery store.  Its a pain.
Loves to fold laundry.  Will often ask to fold laundry if she's bored.
Still takes all the clothes out of the drawers, has now started doing it to julias clothes too.
Likes to help put groceries away.
Rarely plays with her toys during the day, but reads books several times per day.
Loves her baby sister.
Likes any form of being silly.
Yesterday showed some serious self restraint: We were making cookies.  I let her help dump everything in and mix.  Then she helped form balls.  I told her no eating the dough.  She didn't put one bit in her mouth.  There was a few times when she got a little on her finger, looked at it, and started to cry.  Talk about being torn!  Wow, what a tough girl!

hmm this is long - richard??  Anything to add?


Trina said...

Anna is such a cute, talented, smart little girl!!! I love how she has so many life skills already and she is barely 2!!! And she is always welcome to come do laundry at my house. None of us here like to do the folding part.

Liv said...

She has more restraint than I do when it comes to cookie dough.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Anna! What a smarty that girl! You give me hope that the snack habit can be broken! ;)