Saturday, July 21, 2012

the rest of our day

 Anna wakes up about 2:30.  She and I finish chores (folding laundry, working outside) until Julia wakes up at 3 ish.  Then we feed JUlia and read.
 Often times a friend will pop by to play or we'll go over to someone's house to visit.  Today JJ came over.  Trina had to run somewhere so I took JJ and Anna and J for a stroller ride.  On our ride I saw our neighbor Dan.  He was pulling beets from our garden and gave us some.

 When we got home from our stroller ride we cleaned the beets and cooked them for dinner.
 Dinner took a long time to cook so Anna and dad watched some barney while waiting.

 After dinner its bath.
 then jammies.
cleaning the room.
 brushing teeth.
 julia just plays.
then bed.
 hugs and prayers
 tuck you in!  goodnight!
whew.  the days are long but the years are short.

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