Sunday, March 4, 2012

sorry, another pregnancy post. its all i think about these days.

Will the new baby look like her sister???
In other words - will the new baby be a mini grandpa Buhler?

Or will the baby look like Nicole?

Can't wait to find out!  That top pic is the first dressed pic we took of anna.  Doesn't it just make you giggle?  It seems that she is thinking "That birth thing really sucked, I'm pretty bitter about this whole situation, I was not ready to come out of my mom - put me back inside or I'm going to punch your eyeballs out." 

I don't really care if she looks like me or Papa Paul, but I would prefer that she come out easier than Anna did.

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Kristin said...

Such a funny, little sour face! I hope it's easier and at least two weeks earlier than last time too!