Thursday, March 8, 2012

anna is 20 months on sunday

 We moved her to a big girl bed a few months ago.  Her first night was rough because we didn't have a barrier and she rolled off and kept rolling until she was stuck under the crib.  After that we put a pillow in the way and now she sleeps like a champ.  Last week she started really resisting bed and nap time, but she's back to her good sleeping self again.  Sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am.  Occasionally cries in the night, but falls back to sleep, never wakes up and stays up unless she eats too many brussel sprouts.  Anyways, she's pretty cute in these jammies.  She looks like a little football player.

First thing after waking up is E E E!  Which is how anna says EAT!  She always asks for brea (bread) and buh-er (butter).  And shakes her head yeah yeah yeah!  She doesn't like bread without butter but if given the opportunity will eat butter without bread.  Other breakfast favorites are frozen blueberries - like 1/2 cup of them - but we just finished our last gallon bag from the summer, so it will be a few months before we eat those again.  Anna also likes oatmeal sometimes and cottage cheese with pears or peaches.  She's pretty flexible about eating, which is a blessing.
 After bfast scriptures and prayers we wave bye bye to dad.  usually a school bus or 3 drives past while we wait for dad to get into the car.
 After dad goes (around 8) we clean for a while.  Anna likes to sweep and load the dishwasher.  She's getting better at unloading too - she knows where some things go - which is cool - because I don't have to bend over to put away the cutting boards and tupperware.
 After that we take a shower.  I let the water collect and anna plays in the bath after for a good 1/2 hour while I get ready.
 Once I'm dressed and ready I get her out and dress her.  She likes to put on as many clothes as possible.  She loooves clothes.  Especially pants and skirts, but mostly because that's all she can reach since I hang up all her shirts.
 After that we do her hair.  I've found letting her brush her teeth is a good distraction whiel I put her hair up.  I'm getting better at putting a ponytail on this squirmy worm.  I'm glad her hairs not too thick it would be even harder.  I've cut her hair a few times and am so glad that cutting it didn't take away the curls, because they are so pretty!
 Once we're ready I usually fold or start some laundry while anna helps and listens to her elmo book on CD and plays with her mr. potato head (i only let her play with them on my bed so she thinks they are special).
 After that we usually read books (somewhere around 9 or 9:30).  lately we've read books about having a new baby around the house.  Anna is READY for this to happen!  She is getting really good at role playing with her baby.
 By the way this is my new recliner!!  Thank you Joyce.  We love it and both fit!
 On tuesdays and thursdays we go to story time.  Anna didn't want to be there today for some reason so we went to the park instead and met up with our friends Heidi and Trapper.  She loves this park and can go down the slides all by her self!  What a big girl!
 It was unusually sunny today, anna hates the sun.
 Trapper is a little big for this swing.
 Still riding in the bob.  Anna actually hates is lately and screams, so I let her have the binky.  Sometimes I let her have snacks in there.  You choose your battles right?

 After library/park time we have lunch.  Here anna is eating broccoli and brown rice.  She had kiwi for dessert, its one of her new favorite foods.
 She sleeps from 12 -1:30.  Or just from when we put her down until 1:30 - so I got to make sure to get her down on time or her nap gets cut short and she's a grouch.
After nap she watches elmo or barney.  Barney is her favorite, which is annoying to listen to, but good for her so whatever.  She usually plays with something while she watches.  Lately she looooves balls of anykind - so she played with this basketball while watching elmo.

I failed to finish out the day because I started blogging while she watched elmo - but maybe I can finish up next week.  Anna is growing so big and learning so many new things its impossible to record them all!

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