Sunday, March 18, 2012

the nursery

 Well I wanted the nursery to match this minerva tichert picture I have, but then I wanted to make this thing for above her bed and I was just practicing on the scrapbook paper I had - and then I went to my surprise shower later that day and the quilt I got matched the scrapbook paper I used - so walla instant nursery!!  Isn't it cute?
this is the corner with the recliner that I sleep in often.  I tend to like the greens and reds for some reason. I like the pictures of christ with sheep because that's what I think of with children - we're leading sheep and FEEDING sheep - lots of feeding the sheeps will happen in that chair (:

Anyways we're just waiting for the baby here.  I've got nothing planned with week - well I take that back, I've got a few things planned but mostly I'm just hoping she comes early.  We'll see what the OB says tomorrow morning.
Richard and I feel like we're just passing the time until she comes.  Which is silly because that's what we're going to do after she comes!  Here's richard in his typical place, sitting in the crappy chair in the living room playing words with friends on the nuk while watching march madness.  crazy kid.

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Trina said...

Adorable nursery!!! You will enjoy the many hours in there, I am sure! :)