Sunday, March 25, 2012

induction of labor

So I did a quick pubmed search about labor induction.
I found a good review article:

I'm tired of people telling me things I need to do.  I've heard it all before - no really - for 2 weeks with anna and now more with Opal (if rich allows that to be her name).

This is a chart from the article, I bolded the ones most people recommend to me.  I wish they would have put the cooky ones like elevators, bumpy car rides and trampoline jumping but I bet they fit in homeopathic methods........

method                                                     quality of evidence/harm vs benefit    grade of recc.

Vaginal PGE2ModerateTrade-offsStrong
Cervical PGE2ModerateNet benefitsStrong
Intravenous oxytocinModerateTrade-offsStrong
AmniotomyModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
Intravenous oxytocin plus AmniotomyModerateTrade-offsStrong
Vaginal misoprostolModerateTrade-offsStrong
Oral misoprostolModerateTrade-offsStrong
Mechanical methodsModerateTrade-offsWeak
Membrane sweepingModerateNet benefitsStrong
Extra-amniotic prostaglandinsModerateNo net benefitStrong (against)
Intravenous prostaglandinsModerateNet harmsStrong (against)
Oral prostaglandinsModerateNet harmsStrong (against)
MifepristoneModerateNet harmsWeak
OestrogensVery LowUncertain trade-offsWeak
CorticosteroidsVery LowUncertain trade-offsWeak
RelaxinModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
HyaluronidaseVery lowUncertain trade-offsWeak
Castor oilVery LowNet harmsStrong (against)
AcupunctureModerateNo net benefitWeak
Breast stimulationModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
Sexual intercourseVery lowUncertain trade-offsWeak
Homeopathic MethodsVery lowUncertain trade-offsWeak
Isosorbide mononitrateModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
Buccal or sublingual misoprostolModerateTrade-offsStrong
HypnosisVery lowNo net benefitWeak


Jesse, Brittney & Zach said...

Oh the fun. I hope you find a way to bring on this labor the way you want. If your body is ready to go the moderate methods should push you over the edge. That is what happened with me last time. Totally more preferable to being stuck in a bed with the dreaded needle (yeah that might just be me). Yeah for Baby Opal!!!

Trina said...

So which one have you decided to use? :) Lucky for me you are doing all this research... I might be needing all this in 2 weeks. :)