Saturday, March 24, 2012

lamb and lion of a spring


Thursday:  (didn't have my camera - but it snowed enough to make big snowmen)

 More of saturday.  Hiking Magnes Tree farm loop.  Did it induce labor?  No.
 I'm still big as a boat.
 When we got home from hiking richard worked on our cold frame for the garden.
 Anna helped.
While they worked outside I made some roasted brussel sprouts.  I just wanted to document how anna chows down on these things.  She LOVES them!


Kristin said...

You're a prompt blogger! I didn't get any pictures of the snow either, but I took a few of our gorgeous day today. Keep hanging in there!

Trina said...

What a fun day!!! I love that you documented the snowmen each day! Anna makes an adorable little handyman! If there is no labor by next week I could go running with you... :) At least we could get some good laughs!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

You may feel like you're as big as a boat, but you're definitely not.