Monday, October 31, 2011

still eating us up.

I am so frustrated. Our insurance is up 220$ a year because of that accident I got in in october. You know, the one where the guy without insurance hit me, took off, gave wrong information. Then my license got suspended because I didn't change the address on my drivers license when we moved so I didn't know I needed to fill out an accident form (because the cop in coos bay and the insurance man told me I didn't need to fill one out). We paid like 200$ for the ticket and like 100$ for a new license. Now we pay 100$ every 6 months for 3 years until it is off my record. FOR REAL! Car insurance is robbery anyways. We've never really needed it - its just money down the drain for peace of mind. Kind of like well child visits and homeowners insurance.

There are 3 solutions to this problem.

#1 suggested by Richard: Nicole doesn't drive. I hate driving anyways so I guess it would work, except that I have to make it to work every day for 2 weeks in December.

#2: I guess we should go a-wall, move to the city, ditch our cars and live in an apartment with a green roof so we can still garden. We can use zip cars and use the money we spend on car insurance to fly home 5 times a year. Considering all the money the house eats up this seems like a good option. Eh, we like where we live and are probably stuck in our house forever.

#3: Suffer through and whine on my blog hoping that someone who reads this will give me more pity than Richard did to make me feel better. Yeah, that seems like a good option. If only I was a better person and could do it without the whining part.

the end.


pbuhler5 said...

You are a great mother and don't let anybody tell you any difference and I know Richard knows that you are a great wife and mother.

Joanna and Chris said...

Aw yes. I am having the same dilemma with health insurance. Unless you are employed by someone who will offer you good insurance, your pretty much screwed. I feel your pain. I hate driving too and wonder how I make it home everyday.

Kristin said...

That does stink, big time. I didn't know accidents affected your insurance that much and for that long. So sorry! I don't want you to move away though!