Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15 months of goodness.

So I started this on october 9th or so.........sorry I forgot about it until now!

Anna! You are so old! Well not really. But you do so many things!

This is how our day usually rolls out.

I wake early so I can have some peaceful time without you. This is important and much needed. You messed that up this morning.

You wake up crying EVERY MORNING. Your hair is always sweaty and it smells bad. I'm not sure why that is. We give you a shower at night and wash your hair. You must have a sweaty head like your dad. But anyways, as soon as I pull you out of bed you sign BOOK! But we don't read until later.

Usually we change your diaper (since youve had a wicked nasty rash the past month). Then we stick you straight in your high chair for oatmeal and fruit. You love pears. You eat the WHOLE thing except the stem. Seriously, seeds and everything. It's amazing. Some days you eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Some days you throw it on the ground without a bite in your mouth. But you always drink your milk - except those times when you push your sippy on the table to get the milk out and then spread it around with your hand. That's less fun for me.

After bfast we wash your hands. You used to want to splash in the sink. Now you rub your hands together. Good job! We also load up the dishwasher. You are a great helper!

Next we get dressed. You always try to put your pants on your head.

Then we read a few books. Lately your favorite is one from the library called "My Love For You." It's sort of a counting book with animals. It's fun to read with you because you count "1" with your finger. Then you make the animal signs/noises on the other pages. The cutest is your sign for monkeys. The next cutest is your sign for fish (making fishy face with your lips). I can only get you to do it when you read this book.

After books you play while mom and dad read scriptures. You're usually pretty distracting. Then we have family prayer. You fold your arms to start, but quickly unfold if Mom gets too verbose. Dad usually doesn't have the problem. When we say amen you pretend to unfold your arms (as if you had been folding them the whole time).

Then dad goes and you chase him out the door. We stand in the garage and wave goodbye.

Then we go in and do some chores before getting on our shoes to go on our jog. I used to say run, but since I'm carrying your sibling its more of a slow jog. anyways, we go to the park, where you always want to swing. I sing the ABC and Old McDonald while I push you. As soon as the end of the song is near you sign "more! more more!" until I start singing again. Silly girl.

If its not too wet you play in the sandbox while I do a little park workout routine. Otherwise we move the sand toys under the play structure and you play in the wood chips. I also make you practice stairs on the big toy rain or shine. I bring a towel and you go down the slides. If there are other kids you just like to stare. You are happiest when the other kids try to include you, although, that doesn't happen very often because you are so small.

On tuesdays and thursdays we then head to Ray's Produce for a nectarine, peach or pear. You are very impatient while I pick one out and wash it. But you eat the whole thing. It's rather messy but whatever.

After that we go to toddler time at the library. You LOVE IT. At first you just sat in my lap. Now you are up in there playing with all the big kids! Its fun to watch you try to imitate all the things they do. You won't sit by the kids when Mrs. Teresa reads the story, but that's okay. You'll usually sit and listen to most of it in my lap.

We walk home after that and feed you lunch. You eat almost everything. Lately you are good at folding your arms when we pray over lunch.

after lunch we read books until I get FREEDOM at noon. You still require a binky to sleep darn it. It makes it easy to put you down though. Usually it falls through the slats and onto the floor under your crib. When I say "where's you binky?!" You usually crawl under your crib looking for it. You are getting so smart!

At 1:30 you wake up. On blessed days its a little bit longer, but I really am a little anxious for you to get up. You are just so fun to be around.

After that we piddle around doing projects and working outside when we can.

This is where I ended the post about a month ago. Things have already changed so much! Mostly I want to remember this:

You are starting to talk and know where your body parts are. You like to point out your nose and eyes. You sign all sorts of things - mostly animals. here's a list I can think of:

hmm i dont remember what else.

You have learned the word NO and like to use it. The way you say it is still cute. I wonder how long that will last. Just thinking quick you can say:


It seems you try to say new things everyday. I love it.

well I guess i'll post this long post without picutres before it is too late to post it at all.

Here are your stats from the doc:

1yr 3mo:
27.8 pounds (96%)
32.5 inches (96%)
(you are porportionate - good job!)
head 19.3 in (99%)

looking back at this chart - you were 15 pounds at 2 months and 19 pounds at 3 mo. Your cousin just visited. She is 6 mo and weighs about 15#. Wowsas, you must not have her genes!

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