Monday, October 17, 2011

some yummy mac and cheese.

We like cheese at our house. Way too much. I loove homemade mac and cheese, but making a roux and cheese sauce is a little excessive in calories (even with that additional 300 Cal for baby #2). So I was happy to see this eating well recipe!

I didn't use bread crumbs or olive oil, which probably decreased the calories. I also used skim milk. Oh and I upped the veggies (of course). I still have leeks, chard and kale in the garden. So I cooked leeks in 1/2 tsp of butter until golden, then added 1 finely chopped red bell and about 7 Chard leaves. After it was all cooked good I stirred it into the cheese sauce. yum yum. If you like mac and cheese here's one to try!

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Joanna and Chris said...

Looks good! I made a mac and cheese last week that has butternut squash as the main ingredient in the sauce. Very yummy!