Friday, October 28, 2011

some stuff from our life

Anna loves the pumpkin costume my mom bought her. She even eats lunch in it! Here she is enjoying roasted beets and potatoes. Yum yum.
Anna also loves her cousin Jane! My sister and mom came for a girls weekend last thursday. We had an awesome time eating a lot of junk and doing baby stuff (I think we bored my mom out a little bit). Ah well. Here's jane and anna riding in the double stroller. Jane didn't love it - anna was a little too touchy feely for her.
Richard carved some pumpkins with me! Hooray. Usually richard is less than interested in holiday craftiness. usually won't participate in decorating eggs or easter cookies or ginger bread houses or carving pumpkins. Since anna was old enough this year he wanted to participate. Thanks hunny, it was fun huh? Especially since you watched a good baseball game at the same time.


pbuhler5 said...

Great Job carving the Pumkins!! Happy Birthday Richard Love Mom and Dad

Hip Heiner Fun said...

OH, I just love your sweet little Anna so much. It was fun catching up on your blog. Since I have blogged in a long time I haven't been on to read it. We miss you guys SO much!!! Love you all!