Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Meltdown hike.

We officialy have a toddler. Nicole has told me that Anna is learning how to throw tantrums. Last Saturday she did one at the restaurant, but I didn't witness it because I had to run home and get her a diaper. Yesterday if anybody was looking for a nice peaceful hike or becoming one with nature and all that blah well if they were anywhere near Angels rest they got a rude awakening.

Nicole said she was not going to carry Anna at all because she is already carrying one baby. Last winter we tried to take Anna on this hike but it was too cold so we ended going home. After hiking for a while I needed a break and we got Anna out of the pack to see if she would hike. That was a no go she just laid down in the trail.
Mom got her to hike a little bit, and was somewhat happy. But then the meltdown occurred.

This is pretty much the top of the hike.

On the way back down Anna took a nap after a rough hike. The way she looks is the way I felt the rest of the day.


Michael and Heather said...

The tantrum video is hilarious! I can only say that because Noah is in the tantrum stage too.

Heartfelt Blossoms said...

And that is a perfect example of why we stopped hiking with small children. The day we took Jill and she cried for the whole 5 hr. hike. People started asking if they could help us. It was pretty embarassing.