Monday, May 30, 2011

back at it.

I haven't been on a good bike ride for years! Well at least since before pregnancy, which is pretty much 2 years.

So we borrowed a bike trailer and took her out for 2.5 hours/30 miles. It was so much fun.

Tonight, as we washed our dishes by hand (since our dishwasher broke) we discussed the top 5 adventures we've had in oregon. We put this in the top 5.

We rode on the banks to vernonia trail - we recommend everyone to check this out if they like to bike or walk or run. You will see a lot of pretty farms, a lot of forests, several cool bridges and slugs big as pickles and long as pencils. Not that you can't see those in our backyard.......

the end. oh and yes anna's helmet did her a lot of good in the car and in the first 5 minutes of riding. then it got in her eyes and was not likely to help her so we ditched it. Oh and one more thing, you may notice that there are pictures of both richard and I carrying the bike. Richard started out then I volunteered and took it up this big hill and richard took it back down. just kidding. richard took up the bigger hill and most of the time, but when i was pulling it up one hill we passed a man pulling his kids and richard said - i feel like the man of the year.

It was hard work pulling that thing. I was worried that it was going to pull me down the hill a few times. I didn't dare take my hand of my brake.

oh and another thing. After 2 years off the bike my butt is SORE! And we are weak sauce and exhausted.


amylynn said...

Yeah, make sure the connection to the bike is nice and secure. We've had a few drifting bike trailor experiences. Nothing my fat kiddos couldn't handle though... it sounded like skidd skidd stop. It would be really scary on a hill though.

cute pics- fun post

Bryan said...

padded bumm shorts = very nice.

Richard and Nicole said...

thats hilarious amy. i laughed out loud.

yes, i shoulda done the pbs. (padded but shorts)

Sherpa said...

Cute pictures. You can pull Anna and I on the bike anytime.

P.S. This is kind of creepy (to me anyway, because it brings back distant memories), but Sleeping 10+month old Anna looks just like Sleeping baby Steven. Sorry your kid doesn't look more like me or you. ;)

Sherpa said...

Oh, and Awake Baby Anna doesn't always remind me of Awake Baby Steven or Awake Baby Richard. Just occasionally.