Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 months!

If you don't like reading here's the main point: she's still growing!

Anyways 10 months is my favorite so far. Anna is HAPPY. I've never seen such a happy baby. For probably the only time in her life she loves helping with chores. Okay, lets be realistic. For the rest of my life Anna will love making chores for me. That's okay cuz she's cute when she eats toilet paper and drags my underwear all over the house. We'll see how I feel about that at 11 months.

She has started to crawl (its sort of modified with one leg up in case she needs to stop and sit somewhere). Her uncle steven says it's like she is kick starting her inner motorcycle. This movie is of Anna making a beeline for the toys at babytime. Hence all the babies.

Possibly due to our stellar book baby attendance - but more likely just because she's related to Aunt Joy - Anna loves reading books. I think it's a decoy to try to get us to fall asleep so she can do what she wants. Richard was reading books with her and got a little drowsy. He says next thing he knows he's awake and anna is out of sight but within earshot playing in the halloween decorations in the hall closet. No but really, she will read books on her own for a few minutes now (like all alone in her room without me in there)- which is so cool.

She does a lot of babbling. Mostly da da da da. She has only done the ma ma once though. It would be cool if she knew what da da meant. She gets so excited about all her talking and learning that she often doesnt want to take a nap and I'll go in there and she's just hanging out looking out the window......

Outside is anna's best friend besides avrie and zachie that is. Unless she's stuck in the pack-and-play while I am weeding planting or landscaping. She likes to crawl in the grass and eat leaves and bark chips and plants and dirt. Oh does she loves to eat dirt.

Speaking of eating, Anna eats everything. I mean everything. She especially loves tofu and beans. I think because they are easy to shove in fast. Or maybe i like them because i know they are good for her and I don't have to worry about her choking. She also likes bread of anykind. I think that is actually her favorite............except for the big piece of chocolate cake her dad fed her last night......

She's getting a little better at church. She plays well on the floor while we teach sunday school. She has some pretty bad stranger anxiety and buries her face in my chest when new people talk to her. But she loves attention. At the grocery store she looks at people expecting them to look at her and smile. When they don't she looks at me like "mom why aren't those people cooing over me?" She just gets too much love from us. We can't get enough. We're still at the stage where we like to go in a watch her sleep in her crib before we go to bed. It wont be like this for long!


Kaelie Nielsen said...

Awe, she's so cute! The last picture is my favorite.

amylynn said...

We still watch our kids sleep before we go to bed. Does it make you wonder if mom and dad did the same to us? Like, where were we going to go? Totally cute post. We miss you guys.