Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The last picture inspired this post. I wanted to plant my mothers day present - 2 flats of petunias - and wanted to get it done before the rain came - so I had to take anna out there with me. She started out in the bumbo with a book. My very cute little lawn ornament. Then she crawled out of that and headed over to help. My neighbor dorothy is such a doll. She heads out with her camera to snap a few pics for me. Thanks dorothy!

Before Anna was born I thought I wanted a little boy - but I am so glad I had a little girl first. She's my best friend (well #2, sorry but Rich is #1). We do everything together. Nap, clean, eat, go to the bathroom, garden, run, walk, shop. I can't imagine my life without her. Everything takes like 10 times longer and is 10 times more complicated when you try to do it with a baby - but it is also 10 times more fun - mostly because to little people our everyday tasks are new adventures. And it makes you feel smart describing to them everything you know......(this is your neighbor dorothy she is nice, that is a racoon - it is not nice, this is a flower - it is not edible, we are sweeping the floor - no you cannot eat that, that is a spider - they are scary, it is a sunny day - we spend sunny days outside, that is rain - it is fun, this is the grocery store...library...car....bus...church - this is what we do here.., those are rocks - also not edible, do not put dirt in your mouth - it tastes bad....you get the idea). Anyway I love my little pea. I am so grateful heavenly father loaned me one of his choicest children to watch over and protect. Hopefully her exuberance for gardening, hiking and being with her mom never dies out.


amylynn said...

So cute- it's so much fun to see Annas clothes on Anna and now Anna's clothes on Jane... who will be next... it's a race, Anna's baby sis or Janes- Oooo, no challenge Anna wins- even if you never have another girl because their Annas clothes.

Sherpa said...
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Sherpa said...

Love those last two pics. She sure has changed this past year!