Sunday, June 5, 2011


I started out the day with a run on my usual route. I forgot that there was a race going on - and it happened to go through my usual route. But I just kept on going and I even partook of the races water......shh don't tell (no - i actually asked before I had some).
After our run and some work in the yard we headed out to the farmers market where I bought a cool basil plant. It's got tiny leaves. I am too lazy to go take a picture of it - but if all our basils live we will have 10! Hooray for pesto and basil salads. Unlike basil, however, I must admit that I've become accostomed to the cool weather and I almost couldn't handle the heat. Anyways this is a view of Mt. Hood near our favorite park in sherwood - only visible on clear days.

We were at the park for anna's friends birthday. Zachie turned 1! As you can see he was pretty tired at his party - but he got used to the cake after a minute.
Anna had a great old time with the birthday mommy. Brittney kept feeding her jello and refilling her food supply. I'm pretty sure she sat there and ate for a full 30 minutes.
There is nothing better than being at a park on a warm day sitting in the shade eating good food.

Richard didn't come to the party because I put him to work in the backyard finishing up a flower bed border. We wanted to do brick pavers - but just like everything else in our lives the less expensive option won out and richard put in some concrete. I was a little grouchy at him when I got home because instead of working he was in the front room watching 2 games at the same time. No - he had to wait for the concrete to set in order to move the forms.
Another back yard project 1/2 way complete! Hopefully we can finish it up this week.
Anna kept entertained while we worked by flirting with the neighbors dog.
and playing with daddys level.
After all his hard work richard took off for an hour long bike ride. What a hard working man.
We love our summer saturdays!


pbuhler5 said...

Hay I could have used that edger, since Bartel stoled my edger. Anyway didn't I buy that edger, looks familiar?

amylynn said...

Looks good guys- You can come to our house and work in our garden for fun if you want.

missed you today at the blessing...

Richard and Nicole said...

missed you too amy lou.

Breea Heiner said...

Quite the carpenters... Looks great.

Sherpa said...

Lookin' good. You're becoming a decent concrete-layer, Rich! The yard is really coming along!