Friday, May 27, 2011

our other child.

fooled ya - no love child here - just a very time consuming money eating yard. i sometimes wonder if richard loves the yard just as much as he loves anna. he has to check on his plants every morning when he wakes up and every night before he goes to bed.

cauliflowers and a tip of the daisys. we just need to put a concrete border here.

i obviously need to clean the camera lens - but i dont know how. any tips?
tomatoes (beneath richards eccentric tomato support) - peppers - eggplant - parsley - strawberries - leeks - beets - chard - carrots - and soon to be squash
prolific oregano and pretty rhododendron
our awesome lawn a very blurry hanging basket, the jap maple (you couln't pay me a million dollars to go under there thats where the big spider live) and patio
20$ patio set. cilantro - talk about farm to plate. And the pathway we built that i dont like
onions (red white and green) mustard greens broccoli spinach romaine more chard and a lot of potatoes
trailing peas. i spent all my birthday money on annuals mostly for the front yard.
i love it when the rhodys are in bloom! don't worry - that sun only lasted about 2 hours then it poured all day.
the hydrangea that i didn't kill (i severely stunted the other ones with excessive pruning last fall..)


amylynn said...

what a gorgeous yard. it is like another child, our yard is our most neglected child.

Bryan said...

you are quite the planters.

Shepherd said...

I'll be lucky to get zucchini to grow in my gravel pit of a yard. JEALOUS!

Michael and Heather said...

Wow, your yard is so gorgeous and looks so yummy to eat!

Kristin said...

I've never seen your yard in real life, but I'm WAY impressed! I need to take some lessons from you.

Oblad girl said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That has to be SO much work!!!!! Just having my little garden feels like it was a lot of work to put together, but yours puts mine to shame. Amazing. Truly. You and Richard are gardening afficionados.

Richard and Nicole said...

thanks guys we do love our yard! you'll all have to come have dinner with us in our back yard.

Sherpa said...

Sorry Nicole, my dad and his mom are/were the same way about their plants. It seemed like Grandma B. was either watching the Cubs play baseball on TV or out in her yard when we would go over to visit.