Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just need to vent a little.

I have never been pulled over by an officer before. Never for speeding or anything (unless you count the time I got pulled over in Morgan for drunk driving after babysitting my sisters kids, or the time I got pulled over for driving too slow in I-15). Last night, I had to pick up our sunday school manual from an elderly man in our ward. I got lost and had to turn around in the safeway parking lot. As I was pulling out I noticed a police man behind me. I made sure to stop completely and look both ways before turning out. But darn it, he followed me and put on his lights. I had no idea what I did wrong.

So he says I didn't stop long enough behind the white line before scooting forward to peek around the corner (the Safeway entrance is on a corner). So I said fine fine thanks for watching out for me (while thinking you slime). So he goes back to his car and it takes FOREVER! He comes back and says, I wanted to just give you a warning, but there is a problem because YOUR LICENSE IS SUSPENDED?

WHAT? I've never gotten a parking ticket, never been pulled over, never been sent anything about my license. I had NO IDEA IT WAS SUSPENDED! He took my license, told me to go straight home and that if I was pulled over without a license I would be in big trouble. WHAT THE WHAT???

So I called the DMV this morning. Turns out that they sent me a letter requesting an accident report and I failed to do so my licesnce was suspended. Yeah, that's right. Remember that time in Coos Bay when the man without insurance hit me.......well, because he didn't have insurance, they wanted another report of the accident. I did not realize my license address was not updated, so I never received the letter, and thus never filed an accident report! Looks like I've been a renegade of the law for the past 3 months, driving around without a license. All because some idiot drove without insurance and I got hit.

That's not the worst part. The worst part is that I have to PAY to get a new license. There is a fee to get out of the suspension - 75$. And a fee to get a new lisence - 27$. Really?

So i just called the officer to see if he still has my license - He's off duty so i left a message - if he does - maybe he'll let me take it to the DMV to avoid the fee? Probably not. Any bets?

Morals of the story:
1) Update your license address when you move!
2) Always fill out an accident report it you've been in accident, even if your insurance company and the officers tell you that you don't need to.
3) If you don't have insurance - PLEASE DON'T DRIVE. If you can't be responsible for your actions, PLEASE DON'T DRIVE. Because people who are responsible will have to pick up the bill.
4) oh yeah, and one more. Don't complain about not having a manual for sunday school - just do your job and keep your mouth shut (:


Heartfelt Blossoms said...

Sorry it was such a bad day. Bad things do happen to good people. Keep you head up and go get a new one.

Breea and Bryan said...

Good leasons learned.

Kristin said...

Oh, that's so unfair! I'm so sorry! I got pulled over last week too, but for a slightly more legitimate reason. ;) Luckily the officer was nice and I only got a warning.

Paul said...

Its OK. I can list several more costly mistakes - and near misses, too.

Shepherd said...

stick it to the man, is all I have to say.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

How frustrating! I'm sorry. That's super annoying.

Kristin said...

I personally like the first part of this post!