Tuesday, February 8, 2011

free from the crawlspace.

Since richard finished his torture in the crawlspace, we have a had some free time on the weekend to enjoy the pacific NW. Last saturday we went hiking with my friend from work Sarah and her pretty dog Cody. She was a trooper to stick with our slow moving - baby hauling - caravan and we had fun listening to her dramas since our biggest drama in life is the amount of sleep anna gets every night.

We hiked eagle creek in the gorge because there is supposed to be good fishing there. Richard decided he was too tired to fish after 3 hours of hiking. We couldn't believe how happy anna was! She didn't make a peep until the end. That's a long time for her to ride in the baby backpack.
Richard sent this pic to his coworker who said - I see two richards in this picture, one little, one big! funny.
Last last weekend, Uncle steven took richard fishing. Steven caught one, no suprise! He's the king of fishing. He eat sleeps and dreams fishing. I'm pretty sure if he could marry fishing he would. If we ever go on a road trip with him and fishing is not included in the itenerary he gets highly offended (and grumpy!). Anyways, he thought this would be a funny picture. Anna wasn't sure what was going on - but look how chunky those legs are! After posting this on facebook one of our friends dubbed anna a MEATBALL. Sort of a funny name. i kinda like it.
the king!
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Heartfelt Blossoms said...

Anna just has Grandma Heiner's meatball legs.

Michael and Heather said...

The hiking looks so fun! And I love the pics of Anna next the fish. Those pics will be so classic.

Hopefully we can one day see each other. Do you ever take I84 home to Utah? If so, you now have a place to crash in Twin Falls!

Kristin said...

That looks like a great hike! We might have to try it out when it's a little warmer. You guys are tougher than I am. Spencer is past back-pack stage though, so on 2nd thought, we might have to just stick with shorter hikes for awhile.