Sunday, February 20, 2011

i guess we can live here for a while longer.

I'm missing some things about Utah, but I do like Sherwood. Like most runners, I've got a route I usually go on. It winds through the trees on this paved trail, and like most things in Oregon, it is pretty green year round and has moss growing on it. The end of the trail goes through a board walk over a nasty polluted swamp and then I end most runs by buying myself a treat at the ray's produce market and then walking home. Anna usually sleeps the entire time (about 1 hour) and then wakes up as soon as I pull the stroller through the front door. Even though it's no Bonneville shoreline trail, I guess it's pretty cool!

Anna gets really bundled up for the run. i put her in a snow suit that is a little too small and her arms are stuck like that the whole time. She usually sleeps the whole way, so it doesn't matter too much.

rays old town produce sideways. I don't think the lady likes me much because one time I took back a mushy watermelon when i was way prego.Anna sleeping in the trees.
the polluted marshy boardwalk


Michael and Heather said...

It looks very pretty! I love the green, it beats brown.

Richard and Nicole said...

you'll have to stop by sometime!

Kasi said...

Ah! That makes me want to go run. Looks wonderful- I'd take that over Bonneville for sure!