Monday, February 14, 2011


nope, not the old kind that gives you candy.

we occasionally watch TV so we can figure out who's who and what's what, cuz as our friend Kaelie would say, we're not really "with it" when it comes to that stuff.

So we turned on the grammys last night and richard had me rolling on the floor with his funny way of seeing things.

First off they were naming names and showing people in the crowd. I kept saying "who's that!" " who's that?" And he says: "they should make them wear name tags, really big ones so you can read them on TV."

I agree.

Later, after watching a few performances (of which we couldn't name since no one wears name tags), Richard decided that "when white people try to be cool they look stupid, when black people try to look cool, they look cool." This thought proved itself when that rapper did a little dance number with beiber. Beiber's was stupid -the rappers - cool. Except, we both wondered how anyone could take themselves so seriously when they dance like that.

and that was our sunday night. The fun continued this morning when richard looked at the best and worst dressed. last night we thought the pic at the top of the page was by far the worst.

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Kaelie Nielsen said...

haha, you're more with it than we are, we don't even have cable to watch the grammys